My new solo recording ‘Nocturne’ was released by Quartz Music in March 2018.

The album features Nocturnes (or pieces inspired by the night) by seventeen different composers, ranging from the earliest examples by John Field and Frederick Chopin to contemporary works by Lowell Liebermann (USA), Antonio Bibalo (Argentina), Anthony Hershel Hill (UK), and even the great jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. I have discovered rare gems by the likes of Alec Rowley, Ivor Gurney, Francis Poulenc and Louis Durey, as well as haunting masterpieces by Bela Bartok and Anton Scriabin.

'Nocturne' is conceived to reflect the increasing intensity of the night; where moments of gentle repose are interspersed with nightmarish visions, beautiful allusions to the natural world, and fleeting, often haunting memories. There is a strong sense of the composers' national identity, and a logical progression to the works.

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