'...you could never accuse Piano Circus of doing things by halves...this disc will delight their fans, and has enough variety within the post-minimalist perspective to attract new listeners...an entertaining and engaging disc'

Gramophone, March 2002


'...a multiple-composer recital CD...comprises seven substantial pieces by seven different composers, all written specially for this six piano ensemble...Piano Circus put every key to good use. A contemporary music ensemble in tune with the zeitgeist'.

The Guardian, February 2002


'This zany combination of six pianists is pure musical theatre...from thundering counterpoint to thick 12-hand unison, the textures vary constantly, the effects mesmerise, just pin back your ears!'

CD of the Week, The Observer, January 2002


'Extraordinary to behold. Six pairs of eyes, watching, listening, timing each move to the split second. Breathtaking.'

The Times, March 2002


'The 60 fingers and multiple keyboards of Piano Circus have come a long way since they formed in 1989. The six players alternate between two grand pianos, four sampling keyboards and a spinet, transform the piano sounds in various ways, play a variety of conventional and unconventional percussion, and incorporate a variety of mechanical and natural sounds. Totally compelling.'

The Guardian, October 2001