"...a haunting claim for intimacy...to anyone who warms to introspection presented with an enviable taste and clarity, this recital is outstanding."
- Bryce Morrison, Gramophone magazine, Awards Issue, October 2010


"Saxel's playing is outstandingly, unfailingly musical, and wholly sympathetic to all three composers...I found it a genuine pleasure to listen to this disc, which I recommend most keenly"
- Robert Matthew-Walker - International Record Review


"...a spellbindingly eerie account of ‘Vogel als Prophet’...Saxel demonstrates a sensitive understanding of the composers’ idiosyncratic means of expression"
- Erik Levi, BBC Music magazine, Christmas 2010


"Saxel's delicate phrasing is at its best in MacDowell's bucolic suite..."
- Philip Sommerich - Classical Music magazine


"Oboe, horn and piano is a rare but oddly beguiling blend of timbres... but it can be richly rewarding, as demonstrated here by Polmear, Stirling and Saxel... Most engaging of all is Air Arabe by H Molbe (pseudonym of a Bach presumably seeking his own identity), a slow, Romantic waltz of wistful tone and lightness of touch"
- Andy Gill, Independent


"This Trio of British musicians showcases the art of playing chamber music at an extremely high level... [the CD] should be in the library of all who are interested in horn, oboe, and chamber music"
- Paul Austin, The Horn Call (USA)


"This is one of those surprising niche releases that affords considerable and unalloyed pleasure. The performances in every case are top-notch and utterly idiomatic, and set in a flattering recording space that provides good perspective and a bit of resonance... this release is enthusiastically recommended"
- James A. Altena, Fanfare Magazine (USA)


"A warm and particularly delectable sound...mellifluous elegance...Meryon and Saxel performed with passion and intensity"
- Sunday Times


"Extraordinary to behold. Six pairs of eyes, watching, listening, timing each move to the split second...Breathtaking"
- Review of Piano Circus at the QEH, The Times